BD-1 (Birdy)

I have a folding bicycle. My folding bike is Birdy of Riese und Müller. In Japan, it is known as "BD-1". I love it.

Original specification of BD-1 (Japanese version of Birdy)

My BD-1 is '97 model. In 1997, the then price is 95,000 Yen. The basic specificaion of BD-1 is the following.

Additionl items for touring

I enjoyed touring by this folding bike. The story of my touring is written in the page "Bike Touring" in Japanese. My style of bike touring is the following.
At moring, I ride bike to the station of my home town. I bring my bike in train. I ride train to the destination. Then start biking. I ride bike till sunset. When it gets dark, I go to nearest station. I go home by train.


I use SHIMANO SPD binding pedal. The peal is SHIMANO DX pedal.

Rear Rack

My rear rack was imported from U.S. This is different type from R&M's foldable rear rack.

Front Bag

JackWolfskin Tropical Rain Front Bag.

Saddle Bag

Agu Sport Quorum Saddle Bag.

| Image 1 / Front Derailleur |

Remodeled to 2 x 7 (14 speed)

I want to more lower gear. At first, I wanted to change my 7 speed cassette to 9 speed cassette. I decided to take it up with Mr. Kataoka of the bike shop "CYCLETECH-IKD". Mr. Kataoka showed me images of his BD-1. His BD-1 has an additional lower chainring and a front derailleur. He made a special clamp mechanism of a front derailleur. I changed my plan. I thought an additional lower chainring is better than a 9 speed cassette. At last, I left my bike to Mr. Kataoka.

I replaced the BB with SHIMANO BB-UN72 122 at Mar. 1999. The shaft length of the old BB is 118 mm. The shaft length of the new BB is longer than old one. The length is 122 mm. Now, I use only one BB spacer.

| Image 2 / Front Derailleur | Image 3 / Front Derailleur | Image 4 / Front Derailleur | Image 5 / Front Derailleur |


1999 MAR. 21th updated