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Folding Bike and Recumbent

Pages of the Folding Bike, the Recumbent, etc.

The explanations of this web site in English.

My name is Hiroki Ono. I live in JAPAN.

This page is written in English. Almost all the pages in this web site are written in Japanese. I wrote explanations concisely in this page.

Links for the folding bike Birdy

I have a folding bicycle. My folding bike is Birdy of Riese und Müller. In Japan, it is known as "BD-1". I love it. The contents of this web site are mostly folding bicycle information.

The following are the links for the information of Birdy.

[MY FOLDING BIKE BD-1 (Birdy) in English]

Contents of my web pages (Almost all the pages are written in Japanese / Japanese fonts required to view these pages)

LINK: Information of the Cycling in JAPAN (written in English)


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