BD-1 (Birdy folding bike Japanese version) 2001 model

Oct. 11, 2000

Mizutani bike, Birdy dealer of Japan,, inform us about new models.

Two models, BD-1ti and BD-1W, are very interesting. BD-1W has double chain rings. BD-1W has 9 x 2, 18 speeds. Main frame and rear swingarm are new design. Mount of front derailleur is welded to main frame. BD-1ti has titanium main frame with aluminium rear/front swingarms. BD-1ti has mount of front derailleur on main frame. But BD-1ti has single chain ring with 9 speeds. You can add a front derailleur and additional inner chain ring. The weight of BD-1ti and aluminium frame BD-1 are almost the same.

Please don't ask me how to buy the new models.