Japan International Cycle Show 2001 Tokyo

November 1 to 3, 2001

Riese und Müller

Mizutani Bicycle is one of the distributors of r&m. BD-1 is a Japanese version of r&m Birdy.


This is new. The model of last year of BD-1ti has aluminium swing arms (both of front and rear) and titanium mainframe. But new BD-1ti is all titanium. The weight of BD-1ti is 11.1kg. This weight is heavier than normal BD-1 (aluminum / 10.5 kg). BD-1ti has Shimano Deore mechanical disk brakes (not hydraulic). BD-1ti is very expensive. The cost of BD-1ti is 350,000 Yen.

Other models of BD-1 series are the following:

special wheel for Birdy

Mizutani showed special wheel for Birdy. The wheel has no spokes.

Bi Birdy Tandem

There are only two Bi Birdys in the world now. Mr. Müller has original Bi Birdy. It is the birthday present from r&m members. In Japan, there is a copy of it. This is a trial production and/or show model. This is made better than the original model.


Is Equinox is a recumbent? There are two models of r&m Equinox. One of them has Shimano Auto D, automatic drive. Another has Shimano Inter 7, 7-speed internal gear hub.


Brompton, folding bike, has many color variations. In Japan, two types Bromptons are available. U.K. made Brompton is 147,000 yen. Brompton made in Taiwan is 86,500 yen. Both have 3-speeds internal gear hub.

Tartaruga E-Vehicle

The Tartaruga is a new bike from Japan. Mr. Naotake Yoshimatsu who is the inventor of this bike said that this is not a recumbent but a new type vehicle. This is a folding bike. Tartaruga ST orange/green 12.5 kg 115,000 yen. Taiwan Pacific Cycle will manufactur this.

Folding Bike

I found a new folding bike in the hall. I have no information about it. It can be folded like as Birdy.

- inserted : 2003-10-18 -

Neobike (Taiwan)

Neobike shows many folding bikes. I found very lightweight bikes here. 14" wheel version is 6.4kg. 16" wheel version is 7.8kg.


Traincle is the very lightweight folding bike from Japan.

Traincle 5800 is a trial production and/or show model. It is only 5.8 kg.

In market, there are Traincle 6500 and 7500. Traincle 6500 is 6.5kg and 7500 is 7.5kg. All models of Traincle are single-speed.


Vikkino is a piece of work of the designer Mr.Komukai.

This is folding bike. In Japan, Vikkino will be available at next spring. It has 18-speeds and 17-inch wheel.

More information of Vikkino is the following: